We remember that we are not in isolation. We are proud to say that the Church here in Scarborough is bigger than any one denomination or individual church. We each have a unique contribution to the greater work that God is doing in our community in Scarborough check out: CTIS
We have links to the following people in and out of Scarborough:

Contemporary outreach team, trying to find new ways to communicate the good news to the locals in the town we love! read more

"The Boys' Brigade, through its programme of youth and children's work aims to:
providing opportunities for children and young people to meet together in their communities and engage in a range of fun and developmental activities empowering children and young people by involving them in decision making at all levels of the BB and giving responsibility appropriate to their age and aptitude enabling children and young people to engage with the needs of others (especially other young people) locally, nationally and globally and encouraging them to participate in activities and projects in which they can make a difference .... read more

Stepping Stones is an organisation which runs a Christian home for orphans in India founded by our friends Richard and Tracey Pashby who have a group of volunteers to encourage and support and develop the work ... read more

Street and Youth Angels are an organisation that go out in the evenings onto the streets of Scarborough to share in practical ways God's love to young people and adults ... read more

Faith in Scarborough Schools is a local Christian Charity committed to sharing the good news of God's love to children and young people in Scarborough schools through taking assemblies, clubs lessons a and much more

Hope Missional Logo small .jpg

Hope Whitby are a network of Missional Communities, led by Bec Coates and her core team. The team try to find fresh and exciting ways to communicate the good news.

Check out Hope Whitby

For more info email, or tweet @1hopewhitby

Oli Preston is an ex-Ebs youth leader who has moved on to pastures new with his wife Joanne. He is now an ordained minister, serving as a Multiply Minister at Christ Church, Bridlington.

Ed is Oli's brother has moved on and is now North East Area Team Leader for UCCF.

Jonny James is a good friend of ours who used to be part of our youth group and now pastors  Helier Chapel in Birmingham.