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About us

The name Ebenezer comes from the Bible (check out 1 Samuel 7:12 ) and a modern translation of the word 'Ebenezer' is 'Rock of Help'.

In life we can often find ourselves in problematic situations. It is our experience that while we may not be totally free of the circumstances in which we find ourselves we can be sure that God is with us to HELP us through them. Even when the mess we find ourselves in is our own fault, God is there to strengthen us in the circumstances and to HELP us find a way through.

We call this 'Grace' which God has shown through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here at Ebenezer we hope that, with us, you will find God to be a loving and gracious HELPER - indeed a ROCK OF HELP! All are special ... All are loved ... All are welcome. 

In accord with what it says in the Bible we believe that those who put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord should be baptised by full emersion. Baptism in this way symbolises a person giving up their old life and taking on a new life with Jesus as their helper and guide.

We are a "Home for Good" church with adoptive and foster parents - see and a Learning Disability Friendly Church - see

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