Junior Church

Inspiring the next generation to seek out and follow Jesus for themselves:

Then Jesus called for the children and said to the disciples, "Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children..”                           Luke 18:16

Unless children and young people meet Jesus how can they follow him?

Junior Church is a place to encounter Jesus and to learn about him in a safe and fun filled environment.

Building on good foundations….

We believe every child should have a chance to build their life upon the rock of good Bible teaching and Spirit filled encounters with Jesus.

Teaching appropriate to each child’s needs:

Our Junior Church operates with “fuzzy ages”, children move between groups as they are ready to rather than simply because they have had a birthday.

We offer a Creche starting with new borns, then when a child is ready for more structured teaching and activities they move into Pebbles which is our group for the youngest children. As their needs change they can move into Rock Crew and then finally as pre-teens they can join Boulder Gang. When they are ready we have a Youth Group that caters for them until they are ready for adult church.

Creche (Gems) 

Gems is a space to bring your child to if you wish (you are welcome to remain in the main service with your child and we normally have space set aside for this). The service is relayed into creche.

Once your child is mobile they can enjoy playing with our toys in a safe caring environment. We will sing simple Christian songs with them and tell Bible stories to them and enjoy a snack together.

The early years:

Pebbles, the group for our youngest children, focuses heavily on play based teaching. Each week there is singing, stories, games, craft and a snack. Particular favourites are playdoh which is used in creative play to make Bible characters and other things to illustrate the story of the day.

Rock Crew develops this further and the focus moves to more activity based teaching. It's an interactive group where we build relationships with each other and explore bible stories and our faith together.  Expect fun games, craft, drama, dance, refreshing insights and interesting discussions on how our faith impacts our lives.

Growing up:

Boulder Gang moves the focus more toward direct Bible teaching and finding our way through the Bible every week.

Boulder Gang start with a chat about topical issues, quite often using something appropriate from that week’s newspapers, pray about those issues and others relating to church family. 

That is followed with activities which involve learning Bible verses and quite a lot of discussion as the children ask a lot of questions. Our heart is to make it an enjoyable session so that the children look forward to being there.


Addressing the needs of those who are not yet ready for adult church our Sunday morning Youth Group provides structured teaching in-depth on different biblical issues, often following the theme of adult church. The focus is very much on encouraging our youth to explore the Bible for themselves, to ask questions and to form their own views on faith and Jesus.

Our youth also meet on a Friday evening to hang out together, to have fun, and this is a good environment to bring their friends to and to build the relationships that will sustain faith through those sometimes challenging teenage years.