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Our Sunday Gatherings

At 10:30am on Sundays we meet for refreshments, with a time of worship starting at 11am. Our seating is arranged to offer lower density seating for those who need to remain at 1m+ with the rest of the seating set out more closely packed. Our time of worship will be streamed on youtube for those who are isolating or otherwise unable to join with us in the building. If you aren’t on youtube then why not sign up now so you can join the services. Ebe can be found at

After a time of worship we usually split with families heading off to see where God's story will take them next - sometimes that’s just across to the church hall, sometimes it’s a walk, or we meet in a garden, or at the beach plus they often eat together. Others prefer to remain in the Gathering and engage with God through a sermon.

Once a month (apart from August) we have a service of worship, communion and healing at 6:30pm. It is usually on the first Sunday of the month, but check the calendar on the home page for the date this month. On the remaining Sundays, we meet for prayer from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

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