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Saturday Morning Prayer - open to all

From 8.30 to 9.30 each Saturday, apart from the second Saturday in the month, on Zoom 
Meeting ID: 838 5759 6746. Passcode: 182940

On the second Saturday we meet for prayer at 9.00 on Oliver's Mount, at the War Memorial.

Sunday Evening Prayer - open to all from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in church on Sundays when there is no Communiuon Service

Members of the Prayer Ministry Team are available at the front of church at the end of each morning service.  

We aim:
•    for women to pray with women and men to pray with men
•    to pray for the person coming forward or by proxy for another person for healing, peace or however they wish us to pray.
•    to pray for healing of relationships either between two people or between the person and God
•    to support someone in giving their life to God for the first time
•    to pray for someone responding to anything revealed in the service either in the preaching or any words or pictures offered.
•    To request a fresh anointing or infilling of the Holy Spirit. 

All members of the prayer ministry team have been ‘approved’ by the church leadership as people who are known to be committed to Christ and to the church and who pray and receive prayer regularly themselves. All believe in a God of miracles who longs to impact the lives of His beloved children today.

Team values include:
•    Praying always in a spirit of love
•    Acknowledging the centrality of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in all ministry
•    Valuing silent times in prayer as we listen to what the Lord is saying. More of God, less of us
•    Confidentiality
•    Non-judgmental approach

God sometimes answers prayer immediately but more often we find He answers over time and sometimes in a totally unexpected way. We respect the Lordship of Christ and our prayer is that He gets the glory and each person leaves encouraged by their encounter with Him.

Prayer Chain

A group of people who are Members of Ebenezer who have committed to pray for the Lord's intervention in acute, emergency situations, often these are health issues.

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