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Leadership Team

Who is the leader of this church? - well Jesus is really and he works through the whole body of believers by His Holy Spirit. We all have different gifts; some are helpers, some are administrators and some are good at hospitality. Some are teachers, some are especially good with young people and some are leaders. No one function is any more important than the other. Although we do have leaders, we take very seriously that from Jesus' point of view a leader is one who serves.

Our Team normally consists of 4 Ministers a Pastor in Scarborough, Bec our Pastor at Whitby, Diana who is our Outreach Pastor in Cayton, and a Children and Youth Pastor in Scarborough. We are currently waiting for God to call a new Pastor and a new Children and Youth Pastor for Scarborough. 

We also have Elders who take care of pastoral situations and the teaching and Deacons who keep everything running smoothly. 

The Team


Jim Purves.jfif

Jim Purves

Consultant Pastor

Bec Coates

Pastor at Hope Whitby



Diana Gott

Outreach Pastor


Paul Smith.jpg

Paul Smith

John Games.jpg

John Games


Pete White


Bill Holmes


Janet White.jpg

Janet Wilson

Jane Taylor.jpg

Jane Taylor

Phillip Gott


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